The Love of the Flies

If you missed “Flies In Danger Escape With Safety Dance,” a story by NPR’s Joe Palca, give it a listen. And don’t forget to check out the videos which show how flies take off from a stationary position. This kind of story puts a damper on the kind of rhetorical jabs commonly heard from Darwinists, […]

A Newly Discovered Textbook Example Refuting NYT and NCSE’s False Claims About Haeckel’s Bogus Embryo Drawings

Recently I documented ten examples of textbooks refuting the NCSE-scripted misinformation printed in the New York Times claiming that Ernst Haeckel’s faked embryo drawings haven’t been used in textbooks since “20 years ago.” In fact, just last week while browsing through some science textbooks at a local thrift store, I discovered another textbook that includes […]

A Good Book About Bad Books

If you’re looking for a summary of Benjamin Wiker’s 10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others That Didn’t Help, I’ve tried to provide one below. The article was originally written for If ever there were a book designed specifically for the enjoyment of InsideCatholic readers, surely it is Benjamin Wiker’s new […]

Lying in the Name of Indoctrination

Dogmatists committed to a dying paradigm will argue with falsehoods to convince the public of their claims… especially when they’re targeting children. As we’ve covered here this week, Haeckel’s faked embryo drawings are still used in science textbooks because, according to some Darwinists, “it is OK to use some inaccuracies temporarily if they help you […]

New Interview on Stylus With Brendan Dixon

We’ve covered Biologic Institute’s remarkable Stylus program before; now ID the Future has an exclusive interview with Brendan Dixon, who co-developed the computer program designed to simulate evolutionary processes in proteins. From ID the Future: Click here to listen. In this episode of ID the Future, CSC’s Casey Luskin is joined by Brendan Dixon, a […]

Inherit the Spin: The NCSE Answers “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution” With Evasions and Falsehoods

[Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Jonathan Wells and published in 2002.] According to the NCSE, many of the claims in my questions “are incorrect or misleading,” and they are “intended only to create unwarranted doubts in students’ minds about the validity of evolution as good science.” It is actually the NCSE’s answers, […]

New York Times Inherits the Spin, Republishes Darwinists’ Error-Filled “Answers” to Jonathan Wells’ “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher”

The New York Times seems to be afraid that students about to go back to school might have their heads filled with ideas that challenge Darwinian evolution. Thus today it uncritically republished a 6+ year-old error-filled response by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) to Jonathan Wells’ Ten Questions to Ask your Biology Teacher […]

Desecration of the Eucharist, Conscience, and P.Z. Myers’ Hypocrisy

Danio, guest blogger at Pharyngula, has a post advocating the denial of legal protection for health care workers who, because of religious beliefs or other moral objections, refuse to provide services such as abortions or contraception. It’s hard to believe that any person with even a modicum of respect for individual rights would support taking […]