Biology Teacher Neglects to Airbrush Darwin

Public high school biology teacher and Seattle area resident Doug Cowan has a fine piece in today’s Christian Science Monitor discussing how he encourages his students to think critically by exposing them to both the strengths and weaknesses of modern evolutionary theory. He begins: I am a public high school biology teacher, and I do […]

New York Times Should Screen “Privileged Planet” for Its Staff

Rob Crowther blogged earlier about the New York Times article on the upcoming screening of “Privileged Planet” at the Smithsonian. The Times article is pretty fair and balanced, but it starts off with a big blooper in the headline and first sentence: Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution Fossils at […]

… big hair, big gut, fat butt, holy-rolling …

In the new issue of The American Spectator, Dan Peterson provides this sober analysis of the media’s handling of intelligent design: Among certain sectors of the media, for example, it is an article of faith that those who believe in God, or advocate principles supporting that belief, are just a mob of Bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging, Scripture-spouting, […]

Baylor Professors Take a Stand for Academic Freedom & Integrity

Supporters of intellectual engagement in academia and a public marketplace of ideas would do well to check out the latest edition of Academe, which features letters from philosopher and legal scholar Francis J. Beckwith and distinguished Mechanical Engineer Walter Bradley. (See the bottom quarter of the page, here). The two Baylor University professors set the […]

Dawkins’ Eye-con of Evolution Unravels

Leading Darwin defender Richard Dawkins had a piece in The Times of London recently, reassuring readers, “The eye is today a showpiece of the gradual, cumulative evolution of an almost perfect illusion of design. The relevant chapter of my Climbing Mount Improbable is called ‘The fortyfold Path to Enlightenment’ in honour of the fact that, […]

Poll: 60 Percent of Doctors Reject Darwinism

A new poll of medical doctors suggests that a significant minority (34%) support intelligent design over evolution. This alone is enough to show that there is a lively debate over the adequacy of Neo-Darwinism to explain intricate structures like the human body. However, if one looks past the press release at the details of the […]

Much Ado About Anything But The Issues

Darwinists are making hay out of a mistake in a press release I wrote recently about National Academy of Sciences member Dr. Philip Skell and his open letter to the Kansas SBOE endorsing the teaching of scientific criticisms of Darwinian evolution. My apologies to Dr. Skell. I mistakenly listed him as a biochemist in the […]

Not The Flat Earth Myth Again!

CSC fellow Jonathan Wells wrote a short response taking a Nature letter writer to task for spreading the old flat-earth BS knee deep. The spherical shape of the Earth was known to the ancient Greeks, who even made some pretty good estimates of its circumference. Christian theologians likewise knew that the Earth was a sphere. […]