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Bloom argues that science has a unique status, incomparably superior to religious faith. Those who say science is itself a "faith" are wrong.

Clotting: Controlling the System

If any one of the many clotting or anti-clotting factors were absent, life would be impossible.
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NCSE: Transparency in Science? That's Not Science Education!

Why withhold scientific documents, if they confirm the integrity of the scientific process?
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Rachel E. Gross at Slate gives thanks that "Evolution Is Finally Winning Out Over Creationism."
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That's the thesis advanced by biologist Michael Denton in the Discovery Institute documentary Privileged Species. Share it with friends and family!
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Search for Cures Focuses on Biological Information

A Taxonomy of Information

Are Abstract Thoughts Just Patterns in Our Brains?

An Open Letter to A.C. Grayling

Rocket Science in a Microbe Saves the Planet