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ID may be the most misunderstood scientific idea ever. That's why we are delighted to unveil a twenty-minute crystallization of its major argument.
"I remember someone kept trying to label Will a 'nihilist' in his Wiki entry, and he kept taking it out."
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Gate-Crashing the Nuclear Pore Complex

You can't get in without connections to the right agents. But we're warming up to them.
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Listen: Felipe Aizpún on Design, Teleology, and Philosophy

Aizpún explains how intelligent design is both a scientific and philosophical argument, and discusses opposition to ID from some Thomist philosophers.
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"It is widely acknowledged in the tradition of Anglo-American jurisprudence that the law has a pedagogical function."
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Low Blood Pressure and Evolutionary Biology

Could We All Get Together and Evolve as a Group?

Listen: The Positive Case for Intelligent Design

Listen: Nelson, Luskin Share Memories of Will Provine