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  • tjguy: This is the kind of hard science that we need read more
  • ven: It's very well known that natural processes tend to be read more
  • Barry Beck: "ex nihilo nihil fit" is a belief that comes from read more
  • Robert Kummer: Thank you so much for Behe's thorough and fair treatment read more
  • Hannodb: I love how Behe's cold hard empiricism completely destroys the read more
  • Barry Beck: It 'seems' to me, that this shows that all life read more
  • E.G: I am currently reading Darwin Black Box. Impressive! Nice piece read more
  • Philip Cunningham: Dr. Behe, first and foremost I would like to say read more
  • Granville Sewell: The most glaringly obvious point is that, like the read more
  • Llew: Great article! Should be blatantly obvious by now that ID read more

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