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The Crowd Cheers Living Waters at Southern California Premiere


Congratulations to our friends at Illustra Media! The Plummer Auditorium in Fullerton was filled to near capacity on Saturday night for the Southern California premiere of Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth. The film looked and sounded great on the large screen in this classic 1930s theater, and when the credits began to roll, the audience of a thousand-plus erupted into enthusiastic applause and cheers.



After the showing, producer Lad Allen invited three of the film's (human) stars to the stage for a panel discussion: Paul Nelson, Timothy Standish, and whale-watching entrepreneur Captain Dave Anderson. For Dr. Nelson, the Discovery Institute philosopher of biology, it was his fifth film with Illustra in a partnership going back twenty years. Anderson appreciated that you can share these DVDs with anyone who loves animals. The design message is life changing, Dr. Standish added, and of course is entirely science- (not religion-) based.


Previous premieres included live animals: Monarch butterflies for Metamorphosis and a hawk for Flight. They couldn't arrange a humpback whale for this premiere, but Illustra did obtain a 150-pound tortoise, which ambled about the lawn outside afterwards to the delight of kids and adults.

Other special guests in attendance included Jim Adams, co-founder of Illustra, with his wife Jan, and a VIP from NASA who drove up from Escondido with his wife for the occasion: Dr. Henry Richter, last surviving manager of the 1958 Explorer 1, America's first satellite. Instruments that Richter installed detected the Van Allen radiation belt depicted in the film's graphic of the earth's magnetic field.

Sales were brisk at the video table. To everyone who came, it was a superb event on a warm California day -- especially gratifying to Lad Allen and the film crew. They determined five years ago to produce three nature films rivaling the quality of NOVA and National Geographic, but with a powerful alternative message. Several attendees were heard calling the evidence for intelligent design in Living Waters "powerful" and "irrefutable" -- a message tuned to the needs of today's culture. "This should be shown in theaters around the country!" one woman exclaimed.

With premieres in San Antonio, Seattle, and California complete, another in Tampa is scheduled for early November. More immediately, Paul Nelson will host the Atlanta premiere on October 5. But you don't have to travel to a theater: DVD copies of Living Waters are available on Amazon, with Blu-ray editions coming soon. And Illustra is preparing discounted packages of all three films in the Design of Life trilogy in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.