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Stephen Meyer Speaks at College of the Ozarks

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This past weekend, the College of the Ozarks hosted the Pensmore Dialogues on Faith and Science. More than 1,000 enthusiastic attendees heard lectures from Dr. Meyer on The Signature in the Cell, Dr. Lennox on "What Science Is, and What it is Not," and Father Spitzer on "New Evidence for the Existence of God." Dr. Meyer also presented in a breakout session on Darwin's Doubt, which was very well received, with many hanging out afterwards to engage with Meyer in further conversation.

Attendees came from across the US to participate in this conference, sponsored by the College of the Ozarks and the Pensmore Foundation. A significant number stopped at our information table to get more information about intelligent design and Discovery Institute. Many were especially enthusiastic about Meyer's lecture on the Signature in the Cell. Several purchased copies of the book along with Darwin's Doubt and stood in a long line that went out the door to have Meyer sign their books and get photos with him.

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The final session of the conference was a discussion, "Has Science Buried God?" with Lennox, Spitzer and Meyer. The three discussed some deep questions in what was a very engaging conversation, laced with some humor as well as poignant moments. It is fair to say that all who attended came away both challenged and inspired to move forward in promoting the idea that science and faith are not enemies or in conflict, but allies in the human quest for truth and understanding of our world.