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Coming October 8: The Information Enigma


We are very pleased to announce a coming short documentary feature, The Information Enigma, that asks the ultimate question in biology: How does biological information arise? The focus is on the Cambrian explosion, some 530 million years ago, but of course the mystery is pervasive in the history of life. It's a major stumbling block for the theory of unguided evolution, and pretty conclusive evidence for intelligent design.




I had the privilege of drafting the script but the stars of the film are Discovery Institute's Stephen Meyer and Douglas Axe of Biologic Institute. The release date is October 8 but you can see the trailer here, or just look below:

We wanted to present this essential argument for ID in the most compact and easily understandable way possible, available to anyone with access to YouTube and readily shared. Check in here next Thursday and let us know what you think!