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Save the Poor Poliovirus!


This is so potentially destructive of human life that it has to be considered part of the "war on humans." The media-friendly Dr. Jack Wolfson believes we should leave the poor viruses that kill us alone by stopping vaccinations. After all, they are part of nature too.

From the Washington Post story:

He said he soon embraced "natural and holistic" medicine. That was when he started challenging vaccines.

He said viruses -- not vaccines -- are a part of the natural world. "Unfortunately, they mean that some people get sick and some people die," he said. "But the reality is that we can't inject our children with chemicals."

Perhaps we owe the unfortunate, abused poliovirus reparations. Good grief. Nutty? That's a polite term for it.

Dangerous? People will die from such attitudes. Unexpected? No. The "war on humans" with its allied campaign against human exceptionalism comes in many forms. 

Image: Electron micrograph of poliovirus/by CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy, Sylvia Whitfield [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.