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Bill Dembski's New Book Is Out and Ready to Order; Pre-orders Are in the Mail


What does it mean to call yourself an informational realist, as William Dembski says of himself? Read Dembski's new book Being as Communion: A Metaphysics of Information and find out.

Finally, finally, it's out and ready to order! Pre-orders are in the mail and will be reaching customers across the country this week.

In our latest video conversation with him, Dr. Dembski puts his case in terms of the way scientists were able to distinguish the Higgs boson by its characteristic informational signature, specifically its decay signature. It's that way, he explains -- information all the way down -- with matter as a whole. A pattern to the exclusion of other patterns is how we recognize one form or state of matter as distinct from another.

It's not as if matter simply ended, somehow, in an elementary "shmoo" fundamental to all other matter. Instead, in the end, as at the beginning, there is information. Of course this casts the argument for intelligent design in a fresh and important new light, which is why we've been telling you that Being as Communion is the next big thing in ID.

Go to the Being as Communion website for more information and order your copy now.

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