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On Independence Day, Recalling the Intelligent-Design Views of the Man Who Wrote the Declaration of Independence

Enjoy your 4th of July holiday, as we will, and while you're doing so don't forget to recall the intelligent-design views of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence that we celebrate. In a special ID the Future podcast, John West of Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture rescues Jefferson from those who have tried to steal him, citing his Enlightenment views, as a presumed opponent of ID.

In fact, Jefferson argued for his belief in a pervasive "design" behind nature, "without appeal to revelation" -- that is, from a scientific not a religious perspective. Yet Dr. West poses the following thought experiment:

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today and tried to present his views in a science classroom, the ACLU would undoubtedly sue to have him stopped, all in the name of defending a Jeffersonian separation of church and state.