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The Rabbi Who Played with Leopards

Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution Is True announces that he has completed his yet-to-be-titled masterwork. This is the one bashing religion in his characteristically sensitive and fine-fingered mannered. Mazal tov!

Dr. Coyne also frequently mentions his wish someday to have the opportunity to play with a big cat -- a tiger or bobcat, for example ("Just once, Lord, just once..."). Here in a video that just came across my Facebook feed is our friend Rabbi Natan Slifkin playing with a couple of feisty young leopards. He received a wound, I assume from the second one that leaps at him. But don't worry, he went in armed with a tetanus booster.


I wrote about Rabbi Slifkin's stimulating and worthwhile book The Challenge of Creation at The Weekly Standard a while back.

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