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"The Fundamental Stuff of the World Is Information": An Evening with William Dembski, July 16, to Celebrate an Important New Book

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Join us in Seattle for a stimulating evening with acclaimed thinker and writer Dr. William Dembski as he reflects on his life and work, answers your questions, and previews his fascinating forthcoming book Being as Communion: A Metaphysics of Information. The capstone of a trilogy that includes The Design Inference and No Free Lunch, Being as Communion argues for the most fundamental challenge there could be to the world of materialism.

"The fundamental stuff of the world," says Dr. Dembski, "is information." The book is already being hailed as "brilliant" and "a tour de force."

Where: McCaw Hall, Nesholm Family Lecture Hall, 321 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109

When: Wednesday, July 16, 7:30-8:45 pm. Doors open at 7 pm.

The book tackles the claim that mind is a myth and that everything about us -- our thoughts, our morals, and our decisions -- are the products of unguided material processes. Dembski proposes that the opposite may be true: In light of modern information theory, it is matter, not mind, that may be the "myth." Come meet and interact with Dr. Dembski as he discusses:

  • How information theory helps illuminate what it means to have free will.
  • How information theory can help us understand the existence of the soul.
  • How arch-atheist biologist Richard Dawkins inspired his work on intelligent design.
  • And a surprising fact about his past most people don't know.

This event is FREE but space is limited and pre-registration is required.

At the event you will be able to pre-order Being as Communion at the special and steep 34% pre-publication discount of $22.95, which includes free shipping. (Suggested list price for the book is $34.95.) The book will be mailed to you upon its American release early this Fall. Please note that we are able to offer this deal to U.S. residents only.

Alternatively, again for U.S. residents, pre-order now for maximum convenience.

Being as Communion (Ashgate) already has its own handsome website, with information about William Dembski, the book, his other writing, and advance praise.

Dr. Dembski is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute, a Senior Research Scientist with the Evolutionary Informatics Lab, and one of the founders of the modern intelligent design movement.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Chicago and another PhD in Philosophy from the University of Illinois. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books, including The Design Inference, The Design Revolution, Debating Design, The Nature of Nature, No Free Lunch, and The Design of Life.