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Somebody Thinks He Speaks for the Pope


A gentleman named Mills, PhD candidate at Notre Dame, thinks he has been given pontifical authority to tell us what the Holy Father thinks of evolution. Actually, there is nothing in his article today at the news site Aleteia, "The Pope Believes in Evolution," that quotes Pope Francis (or any other Pope), nor does the writer even explain what he means by "evolution." We all believe in evolution in some form, notably evolution within species.

If, however, Mr. Mills thinks that evolution happened, but by God's design, then that is some form of intelligent design. One of the first things a Catholic scholar is supposed to understand is that you have to explain your terms.

Comments Jay Richards (co-author, among other things, of The Privileged Planet):

He's projecting Bacon, Descartes, and 19th-century materialism back on to Thomas Aquinas. He's attributing "proof" to Darwin, which is more sanguine than even most Darwinists would claim. And he clearly has no exposure at all to actual ID arguments. Oh, and notice that formal causes disappear entirely in his account.

Back to school for M. Anthony Mills.

Photo source: Wikipedia.