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Lennox, Axe at the Faith and Science Conference at Evangel University


This week, Evangel University in Springfield, MO, is hosting the 2014 Faith and Science Conference: Genesis and Genetics. It is my privilege to be able to attend this exciting and informative gathering and to represent Discovery Institute. Approximately 350 guests are expected, hearing speakers including Dr. John Lennox and Dr. Doug Axe, as well as Vern Poythress, Steve Badger, Mike Tennison, Fazale Rana, and many others.

The topics will range from human origins to genetic determinism and moral responsibility to the question of how science is possible in the first place. It promises to be an extremely engaging and informative conference for all who attend.

For those on Twitter, live tweets from the event will come under the hashtag #FaithAndScience

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Photo source: AJU_photography/Flickr.