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New York Times Escorts Darwinists on Holy Pilgrimage

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In case the editorials posing as front page news stories weren't enough evidence of how the New York Times regards itself -- namely, as the Bible for scientism in general and Darwinism in particular -- the Times is now conducting a pilgrimage to The Darwin Land. The paper's advert says prices for the Scotland and England journey start at $5,150.

In Edinburgh, pilgrims will pass the Upper Room where 16-year-old Charles Darwin lived, then witness the more recent Blessed Relics of Dolly the Cloned Sheep in a local museum. Later, pilgrims tour the Grotto of Shrewsbury, the Shrine of The Origins' Immaculate Conception at Down House, the Sacred Tomb of Darwin Papers at Cambridge and the Congregation for the Doctrine of Darwin Collection at the Museum of Natural History in London.

When the journey is over Times pilgrims can crawl on their knees to Westminster Abbey, where Darwin came down to earth, and ask forgiveness for any of theistic beliefs that haven't yet evolved.

During the journey there will be daily devotional readings from the latest issues of the Times itself.

Photo: Down House/Wikipedia.