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For the Paperback of Darwin's Doubt, Due Out on June 3, a Steep Discount that Won't Last Long

DD paperback cover.jpg

Of course we're not privy to whatever algorithm Amazon is using to set the pre-order price for the paperback edition of Stephen Meyer's book, Darwin's Doubt. However, we can say that at $10.66, or 47 percent off list price, that is an excellent buy and not likely to last long at all. Our perhaps-too-ample experience of Amazon, as a book consumer, suggests that when Darwin's Doubt comes out on June 3, if not before, the price will bump sharply up.

Remember, only the paperback includes Dr. Meyer's new Epilogue, responding in detail to his critics. We're not in the habit of mimicking radio and TV advertisers and saying things like "Act now! Don't miss this opportunity to save!" We will say that, for the cost-conscious book buyer, this is your word to the wise.