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What's the Nature of the Source of Cosmic and Biological Design? Meyer Gets Specific

In discussing Cosmos and related matters, we're in the habit of talking as if there were just two alternatives: a Neil deGrasse Tyson-esque materialism or its reverse, a view of reality amenable to intelligent design. That's reasonable: it keeps things streamlined.

200x200cosmos.jpgWhat's very helpful about this interview with Stephen Meyer, conducted by John Ankerberg, is that Steve details the four, not two, possible world-views: materialism, theism, deism and pantheism. He treats these as hypotheses and asks, given the evidence of design at the beginning of the universe, at the origin of life, and at the origin of complex animal life, which best accommodates and explains the data? Only theism, of course, allows for a source of design that is "transcendent, intelligent, and active in history," and that is exactly what the evidence demands.