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Intelligent Design or Evolutionary Creation: A Forum on Origins at Seattle's University Presbyterian Church

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How did the universe begin? How did life start? How did complex living things arise? Is there evidence that life and the universe were purposefully designed, or are naturalistic explanations more probable?

These are huge questions with divergent answers, including among Christians.? On Friday, May 9, join us for a panel discussion at Seattle's University Presbyterian Church, featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer, Cambridge-trained philosopher of science and author of Darwin's Doubt, Dr. Patrick McDonald and Dr. Benjamin McFarland, respectively professors of philosophy and biochemistry at Seattle Pacific University.

The event is sponsored by UPC's Ideas and Arts Task Force along with Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture.

WHEN: Friday, May 9 at 7 pm.

WHERE: University Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, 4540 15th NE, Seattle, WA.

COST: FREE, but registration is recommended. Take a moment and register here.

For directions to the church and information about parking, please go to the University Presbyterian Church website.