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For Seattleites, Hear Stephen Meyer at 4 PM Today on the Ben Shapiro Show

DDsmallcover.jpegIf you're in Seattle, tune in this afternoon and listen to Center for Science & Culture director Dr. Stephen Meyer talk with Ben Shapiro on 770 KTTH, reflecting on his recent debate with Karl Giberson on the question "Should Christians Embrace Darwin?" Shapiro is a well known journalist and a new star of our Seattle media.

Also locally, don't forget that Meyer will join a panel discussion on life's origins next Friday, May 9, at University Presbyterian Church. Meanwhile, on May 20, Dr. Meyer takes the case for intelligent design to the Seattle area's Jewish community. He'll be speaking about his book Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design at the Chabad Jewish Center in Lynnwood.