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Watching Now: In Ham-Nye Debate, Only the Truth Can Lose

Sigh. As promised, I'm watching the Ham-Nye creation-evolution debate but it makes me sad. Unless someone stumbles, which I doubt, this will be a good night for both of these gentlemen. Darwinists like Mr. Nye and Creation Science advocates like Mr. Ham rely on a middle position being excluded, and that exclusion is guaranteed by the nature of this discussion.

In one man's presentation, you're either for Darwinian evolution and therefore in favor of "science," or you're stuck with Biblical literalism. No middle ground. In the other man's presentation, you're either for Biblical literalism and Scripture-driven scientific conclusions, or you're stuck with dogmatic secularism.

Notice what's missing there? It's the view that science should follow the evidence where it leads, unconfined by a particular way of reading the Bible or by an unbending commitment to naturalism.

The whole premise of this debate -- that there's no alternative to these two views -- ensures a desired outcome for both Mr. Ham and Mr. Nye. I suppose that's why Mr. Nye agreed to participate in the event. They both win. The only loser tonight, I believe, is the truth.

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