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Stephen Meyer on Tomorrow's Ham-Nye Debate

Interviewed by NBC News about tomorrow's debate pitting creationist Ken Ham against "Science Guy" Bill Nye, Stephen Meyer says this:

Stephen Meyer, director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture and the author of "Darwin's Doubt" sees pluses as well as minuses to Tuesday's debate.

"It's a plus because it generates interest in the topic," Meyer told NBC News. "It's a minus because it inhibits an understanding of the complexity of the issue."

Meyer worries that the debate over evolution will be portrayed as Darwinian materialism vs. biblical literalism -- leaving out such ideas as theistic evolution, old-earth creationism and his own perspective, intelligent design. "It would be really terrific if the proponents of the mainstream Darwinian view of origins engaged some of the other critics of their theory, who see evidence of design in nature but are not biblical fundamentalists," he said.

Meyer says in a much more congenial way what I said here recently on the same subject.