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Nat Hentoff, Legendary Journalist and Civil Libertarian, Passionately Endorses The War on Humans

Hentoff_bio.jpgLegendary journalist Nat Hentoff (pictured at left) has turned in a fantastic comment about Wesley Smith's The War on Humans -- which, by the way, is currently Amazon's #1 Kindle book in the category of environmental science. Known as a civil libertarian, music critic, historian, outspoken abortion foe, and candid atheist, Hentoff has been a columnist for the Village Voice, the Washington Post, staff writer for The New Yorker and much more over the course of a long and storied writing career.

Like our colleague Wesley Smith, he is not easily pigeonholed. Says Nat Hentoff:

If there were an international award for continuing to focus on and document cultural and political threats to basic human life and potential -- I emphasize human -- the winner would be Wesley J. Smith.

Smith has now written a riveting expos´┐Ż of the multidimensional assault on human beings that for life-saving reasons -- I kid you not -- is a must-read for human beings regardless of their political, religious, and all other affiliations. Did you know, for example, these two facts from The War on Humans?

  • New Zealand has legally declared that the Whanganui River is a "person." A river has been granted the full rights of personhood as an "integrated living whole possessing rights and interests."
  • While you are recovering from that expanded definition of the quintessential rights of personhood, Smith adds that Ecuador "has gone way beyond establishing strict environmental protections as a human duty. Rather, in a stunning act of self-demotion, it has reduced mankind to merely one among the millions of life forms on earth." Ecuador's flora and fauna will now have the constitutional and legally enforceable right to "exist, persist, and regenerate their vital cycles."

As you will find detailed in this book:

The anti-human side of today's environmental movement has many manifestations: The deep ecology movement that would decimate human population to under 1 billion. The notion of granting legal and enforceable rights to nature and the concomitant international campaign to criminalize as ecocide large-scale resource exploitation and land development projects.

There is much more in The War on Humans. Wesley Smith adds:

Anti-humanism is only part of the problem we face from the green misanthropes. This book will explore the extent to which radical environmentalism is corrupting scientific rationalism.

Actually, there is no prize now in existence that would begin to adequately measure what Wesley Smith has accomplished for humanity throughout the world -- if the war on humanity is brought to many people's awareness.

Congratulations to Wesley all around!

Photo source: Wikipedia.