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"It Used to Be Said of Certain Kinds of Scientific Utopians that They Loved Humanity, but Didn't Like Any Actual Humans...."

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Praise keeps tumbling in for The War on Humans, Wesley Smith's companion e-book to the Discovery Institute documentary of the same name, written and directed by John West. Here is Reagan biographer Steven Hayward, who is Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy, University of Colorado, Boulder. Hayward's two-volume The Age of Reagan is the history of the political life of President Reagan.

Says Hayward:

It used to be said of certain kinds of scientific utopians that they loved humanity, but didn't like any actual humans. Now many scientific utopians don't even like humanity. Wesley Smith grasps the dangerous paradox of thinkers whose first step in exalting nature is to attack human nature. In order for nature to have "rights," it has become necessary for humans to have none. This is always the first step toward tyrannical dehumanization of real human beings. We owe much to Wesley Smith for keeping vigil against this deeply anti-human strain of modern thought, for issuing another timely warning before it is too late to avoid another self-inflicted humanitarian catastrophe.

Coupled with Nat Hentoff's superlatives for The War on Humans, the acclaim is truly across the political spectrum.