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Dean Koontz on Wesley J. Smith's The War on Humans

WOH Cover.jpeg

As we've already noted, the companion e-book to the Discovery Institute documentary The War on Humans is out today. Congratulations to its author, our friend and colleague Wesley J. Smith, who got this stunning endorsement from mega-bestselling novelist Dean Koontz.

The War on Humans is terrific. Within the world of benign and admirable conservation and ecological-awareness organizations, an irrational and misanthropic ideology has metastasized that in its fanaticism is as dangerous as the fascist and communist crusades of the past century. In The War on Humans, Wesley Smith succinctly exposes the "philosophy" and the aims of this movement, cites its deep unreason, and brilliantly extrapolates the horrors inevitable should it triumph. Sincere conservationists should be concerned if only because anti-humanist thinking has the power, in the social and economic destruction it would create, to discredit even those with humane and reasonable goals of conservation, preservation, clean water, and clean air.

Mr. Koontz's own books have sold more than 450 million copies. Not bad. His latest is Innocence, which by the way sounds terrific.