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Stephen Meyer at the Mere Anglicanism Conference 2014

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This past Friday and Saturday, Dr. Stephen Meyer participated in the Mere Anglicanism 2014 conference in Charleston, South Carolina. As readers may recall, we were on our way there when we were detained by a bomb threat and campus lockdown at Southern Adventist University. Well, you'll be glad to hear, we made it!

The topic this year was "Science, Faith and Apologetics: An Answer for the Hope That Is Within Us." Speakers included John Lennox on "God and Stephen Hawking: Much Ado About Nothing," Alvin Plantinga on "Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies," Michael Behe on "The Edge of Evolution," Peter Kreeft on "C.S. Lewis and Scientism," and of course Steve Meyer on "Darwin's Doubt."

The audience of about 650 attendees, gathered in the historic Music Hall in downtown Charleston, were obviously engaged as Dr. Meyer presented a concise overview of the main arguments in his book Darwin's Doubt. Afterward, I overheard several around me making very positive comments about the thoroughness of the case Meyer makes. They had copies of his book in hand and went up to the stage at the end to have Dr. Meyer sign their copy.

The attendees were mostly members of Anglican churches from around the U.S., though a few had come over from the United Kingdom as well. They were a thoughtful audience, taking copious notes while each speaker made his presentation and having some great conversations following the program.

Participants were encouraged to write out questions for the speakers, and put their queries in a box. These then formed the basis of a final panel discussion moderated by Christian apologist Ken Boa, including all the conference speakers. During the panel Dr. Plantinga praised Meyer's work in Darwin's Doubt and everyone enjoyed a fine and friendly exchange of ideas.