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Michael Medved Interviews Sternberg, Axe, and Meyer, Live from Discovery Institute

This was actually last month, the year's concluding installment of the Science & Culture Update on the Medved Show, but I've edited together some choice excerpts in which Richard Sternberg and Douglas Axe of Biologic Institute spoke with Michael about the cruel career consequences of their support for giving intelligent design a hearing. Each was forced out of a prestigious academic position (the Smithsonian and Cambridge, respectively). I'm not sure that I had previously heard Dr. Axe publicly discuss his own experience, as searing for him as Sternberg's. Center for Science & Culture director Stephen Meyer provides additional commentary.

These stories are important for pointing to the massive pressure brought to bear in scientific scholarly life to follow the party line on Darwinian evolution. When Darwinists tell you there's a "consensus" on the mechanism behind evolution, this is why.

The podcast is courtesy of our sister website, ID the Future.