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Bomb Threat, Lockdown: At Southern Adventist University, Stephen Meyer Has a Bit of Excitement


Visiting Collegedale, Tennessee, our Discovery Institute friends and colleagues Stephen Meyer and Donald McLaughlin had a little more excitement today than they bargained on. Dr. Meyer was speaking about Darwin's Doubt at Southern Adventist University, including a campus-wide convocation and a faculty Q&A. The latter event went longer than expected when the university announced a lockdown after receiving a bomb threat. USA Today reports that a suspect, or "person of interest," is in custody, the lockdown lifted. Steve and Donald are fine.

Thank goodness, it seems no one was hurt and, in case you were wondering, there is no intelligent design connection. "There's no evidence the threat was directed at us," Steve joked when I spoke to them on the phone. Not to be outdone, Donald quipped, "I've heard of successful acts being held over...but this was a bit much!"

Late for an airplane, Steve and Donald thought they might be able to slip out of the building but found their white rental car inaccessible due to a swarm of SWAT officers everywhere around in the parking area. With the all clear sounded, they are now on the way to the airport, heading for Charleston, South Carolina, where Steve will be speaking on science and faith alongside John Lennox, Alvin Plantinga, Denis Alexander, and Michael Behe. I would encourage you to attend if you're in the area, but the event is sold out.

Photo source: Wikipedia.