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Atta Boy! In Censor of the Year Contest, Zack Kopplin Has the Fighting Spirit


Hm, it sounds like Louisiana youth Zack Kopplin is eyeing our Censor of the Year prize like a true competitor. I congratulate him on that. He wants to win! Or so it appears from this tweet:

Good for you, Mr. Kopplin, and good luck in this truly competitive race! (For more on him, see here.) I'm sure Zack understands that I can't divulge any information about leading candidates while the contest is still going on! However, it may be that a point of clarification is in order. Zack seems to think that the nominations we've been soliciting -- nominate your favorite now! -- are a vote, so that anyone could be said to be "winning" right now. Not exactly.

The staff of the Center for Science & Culture will certainly consider the popularity of each respective candidate. Yet when we gather in Discovery Institute's Star Chamber-like "Large Conference Room" (pictured above) to agonize and choose a winner, we'll look first and foremost to the merit of each nominee as we see it: how vigorously and successfully he (or she!) has pursued an agenda of choking off and silencing skeptics of materialist orthodoxy in science as that pertains to theories of origins.

I hope that helps. Remember the nomination process will close on January 29, leaving plenty of time for consideration as we look forward to Darwin Day 2014. Email the editor of ENV now with your pick.

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