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Today on the Medved Show, Special Broadcast from Discovery Institute: Anti-ID Persecution and the Future of Intelligent Design

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It's the profoundest question that science can ask: Does life bear evidence that a designing intelligence guided the evolution of complex organisms? Anyone who follows the debate about Darwinism knows that ID provokes an ironic response from those who instinctively despise the idea of design in nature. Simply for considering the possibility of ID in their research, letting the scientific evidence speak for itself, ID advocates are tarred by Darwinist critics as "anti-science." Meanwhile, the same critics turn around and persecute pro-ID scientists for asking important scientific questions. Who is really "anti-science"?

Today on the Michael Medved Show's Science & Culture Update, Michael will be talking to biologists Doug Axe and Richard Sternberg with Discovery Institute who represent the bright and promising future of the science of ID -- but who have also paid heavy professional penalties for squarely confronting the evidence of design in their laboratories. The Medved Show broadcasts today only live from Discovery HQ. Join the conversation at 1 pm Pacific time, 4 pm Eastern. Listen on the radio or online by clicking here.

Image: Discovery Institute, Seattle.