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Today on the Michael Medved Show, Stephen Meyer Will Talk About Gravity -- and Gravity

220px-Gravity_Poster.jpgOn the Michael Medved Show's weekly Science & Culture Update, Mr. Medved covers the most cutting-edge scientific controversies, from climate change to Darwinian evolution. Today in the 2nd hour of the show, Medved tackles a scientific subject that's bound to raise hackles, don't you think? Yes, it's gravity.

That's right. Michael will be talking with Stephen Meyer of Discovery Institute about a hit movie that's out now, Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, but also about a fascinating historical debate that casts light on contemporary arguments over intelligent design.

Do proponents of intelligent design violate basic rules of science? One of the criticisms hurled at these skeptics of Darwinian theory is that they invoke an unseen cause to explain the evolution of life. Medved and Meyer will discuss similar accusations that were cast against arguably the greatest scientist who ever lived: Sir Isaac Newton.

With Newton (and Einstein), Dr. Meyer is in good company in saying that gravity has no physical mechanism underlying it. Yet critics of the theory of intelligent design, much like Newton's critics in his day, complain that ID points to no physical cause behind life's evolution. Shouldn't they have a similar beef with the theory of gravity?

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