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L.A. Museum's "God's Creatures" Sign Enters Witness Protection Program

The Darwinist Stasi seem to have succeeded in ripping down a sign in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County that celebrates God's creatures. The sign read:

"The Nature Lab is a gift to Los Angeles to celebrate all of God's creatures and enable NHM to broaden our understanding of the natural world through the process of scientific discovery." Anonymous Donor 2013

Jerry Coyne exults. He quotes an anonymous source:

The anonymous donor quote at the NHM has been removed. My second-hand source tells me it will not be replaced. No doubt your efforts, coupled with those of a science reporter at KPCC looking into the mess, compelled the administration to finally do the right thing. Without doubt, you and your WEIT audience were the driving forces, for which I'm grateful.

Anonymous sources, frantic censorship, legal threats. This is Coyne's version of the scientific method. While removing the sign has proven to be tractable, removing the evidence for intelligent agency in nature is proving to be more difficult