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Today on the Medved Show, Paul Nelson Will Discuss Synthetic Life and the Work of Dr. Craig Venter

Medved-Banner8.jpgHalloween is tomorrow, and today on the Michael Medved Show's Science & Culture Update, Michael will be talking with Discovery Institute fellow Dr. Paul Nelson about a great theme of classic horror: artificial life, an idea going back to Frankenstein.

Mary Shelley said she got the idea for Frankenstein from accounts of experiments by Charles Darwin's grandfather Erasmus, giving life to a piece of spaghetti. Too silly to contemplate? Dr. Craig Venter, biotech wizard, claims to have synthesized artificial life. If life can be designed in the laboratory, what does that say about the theory of intelligent design?

Listen live to the second hour of the Medved Show, 1 pm Pacific time or 4 pm Eastern, or hear it online by going here. For additional recent coverage by ENV staff of Venter and the implications of his work for ID, see here and here.