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On the Medved Show's Science & Culture Update, We'll Be Talking Today About the Critical Reception of Darwin's Doubt

Medved-Banner7.jpgToday on the Michael Medved Show, Stephen Meyer and I will chat with Michael about the media and scientific response to Darwin's Doubt. That's the second hour of the show, 1 pm Pacific or 4 pm Eastern.

In fact the show will include a live studio audience of friends of Discovery Institute. Sorry, it's sold out.

As much as Darwin's Doubt itself tells us about the shaky science of Darwinism, the reception of the book says no less about Darwinian culture -- how the theory's defenders respond to a challenge. Do they reply on-point, substantively, in keeping with their own in some cases vaunted reputations (those who have reputations, and aren't mere pseudonymous Internet goblins? (NB: I have downgraded them from trolls.)

No, if you've followed us at ENV, you'll know the remarkable thing about how Darwinists have tried to answer Meyer. That is by evading it, in a striking passive-aggressive style. They can't ignore Stephen Meyer -- you cannot pretend that a book that reached #7 on the New York Times bestseller list doesn’t exist. Instead they look for ways to try to take swipes at it without ever, or almost ever, wrestling with the actual arguments and evidence. Or without mentioning Meyer or the book by name. ENV covered the most recent and most hopeless attempt so far to solve the Cambrian enigma without reference to intelligent design or to Meyer or Darwin's Doubt, here last week.

We'll be discussing Jerry "Why Evolution Is True" Coyne and Nick Matzke, National Review and The New Yorker, and much more. It would be very welcome to hear some smart Darwinist call up the show and give us the serious rebuttal that Coyne et al. decline to offer. Step right up, guys. Meyer will also have something to say about the Science review by UC Berkeley paleontologist Charles Marshall, which he has been responding to in this space.

Listen live on the radio, or online here.