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Intelligent Design Comes to UC Irvine

UCISign.jpgWith Ball State University and the University of Iowa disturbed by internal controversies about intelligent design and Darwin skepticism, some open-minded students at the University of California, Irvine, invited Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin to speak about ID on the campus. And guess what -- he didn't bite.

Didn't hurt at all. See, guys? Not so bad!

There's a nice write-up at the news and views site The College Fix ("UC Irvine Students Decry Evolution-Only Science, Sponsor Intelligent Design Talk"). A biomedical engineering major, Daryl Arreza, is quoted as saying, "Intelligent design is a valid explanation that should be able to be freely taught on a scientific campus." Correct.


Luskin said he knows his lecture could be deemed controversial, adding that's unfortunate.

"I think evolution should be taught, but intelligent design also has a place in discussion of our origins, and there should be full access to all scientific evidence on intelligent design as well," he said.

The author of the piece, Lauren Shepherd, a student at UC Irvine, seems to have a better handle on the evidence for intelligent design than Irvine's eminent biologist Francisco Ayala, a caustic critic of ID, does. Read the rest here.

Image: Jack Langson Library, UC Irvine/Wikipedia.