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Catching Up with Darwin: See the New Trailer for The War on Humans, with Wesley J. Smith

Our Discovery Institute colleague Wesley J. Smith writes a fantastically informative, and disturbing, blog for National Review Online -- "Human Exceptionalism." Smith tirelessly documents what you might call the War on Humans. That is, the ceaseless struggle to erase the idea that there is a unique dignity to the status of being human, vastly different from and superior to even the sublime beauty, charm and comradeship of the most cherished animal you can think of. Whatever that might be.

Get ready for a powerful new documentary, coming in 2014, prominently featuring Wesley and the themes he emphasizes in his writing for NRO and elsewhere: The War on Humans. The trailer for the film is up now; see it here.

Reading Wesley Smith's columns, you get the sense that a madness has overtaken our culture on these questions. It's not simply a matter of humanizing animals -- but of animalizing people. And hating them, with a vicious obsessiveness. The roots of this madness are not hard to identify. As Princeton ethicist Peter Singer says, "All we are doing is catching up with Darwin."