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Stephen Meyer in the City: A Report


Tonight, Discovery Institute’s Dr. Stephen Meyer was the guest speaker at the Socrates in the City gathering held at the venerable Union League Club in New York City. The event, hosted by writer and speaker Eric Metaxas, focused on Dr. Meyer and his current book, Darwin’s Doubt. To an enthusiastic, sold-out and standing-room-only crowd (always a good thing in New York), Metaxas used an interview format with Meyer who was able to present the main concepts from the book in an engaging manner punctuated by Metaxas’s humor and clear grasp of the material. Throughout the interview, it was clear that the crowd was thoroughly engaged.


A Q&A followed the interview, and several excellent questions were posed. This gave Meyer an opportunity to really expound on the meaning of the theory of intelligent design, on science, materialism, the philosophy of science, our critics, theistic evolution and other diverse subjects. The questioners were impressively thoughtful and well read. The evening concluded with a very warm, extended applause for Dr. Meyer and Mr. Metaxas from a grateful audience.

At the end of the formal part of the event, a long queue formed as those in attendance had the opportunity to ask Dr. Meyer to sign a copy of his book for them. Meyer then participated in a Patron's Dinner for Metaxas’s Socrates in the City founders and a handful of other invited guests. A second Q&A followed, allowing Dr. Meyer to go into more depth on several of the issues he had discussed earlier.

All in all, it was a superb event and we are grateful to Eric Metaxas and his Socrates in the City staff and founders for making it all possible.