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Science Apocalypticism Is Modern Man's Most Lethal Plague

Steven Goddard at Real Science:

Climate Alarmists Have A 97% Failure Rate

Now that the Arctic sea ice scam has collapsed, as far as I can tell every single Hansen et al alarmist prediction has failed miserably. This is by far the biggest junk science incident in history. 

Ten years from now, people like John Cook will be publishing fake papers claiming that scientists never believed in global warming. It was all media driven, but scientists always knew that solar activity drives the climate.

Actually, Darwinism is the biggest junk science incident in history, but who's quibbling? The Darwinian prediction that most of the genome is junk DNA has impeded molecular genetics research for decades and squandered countless millions of research dollars. Only recently have leading researchers and journals come to admit that the Darwinian prediction was spectacularly wrong

Eugenics was Darwinism's lethal spawn, and America's earliest plague of science apocalypticism. With "natural selection" hindered by modern compassion and public health, Darwinists insisted that we must cull "defectives" in order to save mankind from degeneration. "Excepting the case of man himself, hardly anyone is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed," Darwin explained. Based entirely on the Darwinian understanding of human origins, we sterilized 60,000 people against their will in the U.S. The Germans took Darwin's warning even more seriously

But if you're talking about mere lethality, no junk science has killed as many people as pesticide hysteria -- at least 60 million people have died unnecessarily of malaria and other insect-borne plagues because of pesticide bans imposed by rich countries on poor countries due to anti-pesticide junk science. 

On second thought, overpopulation hysteria is probably mankind's biggest junk science killer, even more lethal than pesticide hysteria and eugenics. At least 200 million babies -- mostly in China and India -- have been aborted or killed at birth because of population control junk science, and 85 million girls and women are missing in Asia. The rape epidemic in India likely traces in substantial part to the large population imbalance between women and men. If you're a girl in India, and population control doesn't get you killed in the womb or dumped in a gutter at birth, it gets you raped when you grow up. 

Science apocalypticism is modern man's most lethal plague. Global warming is merely the most publicly refuted modern junk science, and the only one that's entertaining.