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The God Question: A TV Series Investigates the Relationship Between Science and Faith

The God Question, a TV series bringing together world renowned contributors on both sides of the debate on God and science, explores the question of whether there is design evident in the universe.

The series, a Scottish venture that promises to reach 170 million potential viewers internationally, features figures of note in the intelligent design community, including Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Bill Dembski, John Lennox, Steve Fuller, and Denyse O'Leary. It also includes thinkers on the other side of the debate, such as Peter Atkins, Michael Ruse, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and many others. Theistic evolutionists including Denis Alexander, Francis Collins, and Ken Miller also star. For a complete list of contributors, see here.

Divided into three programs, dealing with "The Cosmos," "Life and Evolution," and "Mind and Consciousness," the series is spectacularly produced and commendably provides a fair and balanced discussion of the issues it unpacks.

Wherever you currently stand on "The God Question" or the question of evolution and design, you will find this TV series intellectually stimulating and challenging. Note too that it has now been produced as a DVD (which you can purchase here) and comes with a companion study guide for small group discussion.