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The Many Faces of Thom Hartmann

DebatingDDsmall.jpegI referred you yesterday to the interview that Thom Hartmann, "host of America's Number 1 Progressive Radio Show," conducted with Stephen Meyer -- which is quite amusing if you relish the inanity of a totally substance-free critique of Darwin's Doubt. Even some hostile reviews on the book's Amazon page are more sophisticated.

Mr. Hartmann seems to be under the impression that Darwin's Doubt is part of a plot to advance the interests of the oil and/or tobacco industry. Now that's a new one! Kudos for originality, at least. Otherwise there's the usual nonsense about an "assault on science," "dumbing down an entire generation of Americna children," a strange assertion that many of the 753 scientific references in the book aren't really scientific, and...I was going to say "and more" but the more is really only the series of pained, bored, sarcastic, eye-rolling mugs that Thom Hartmann pulls, one after another.

I really love these. They are the total of substance and content in Hartmann's response to Meyer's book! Enjoy.







Hartmann is a treasure. We wish him a speedy recovery with that arm injury.