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On Public Radio's "Interfaith Voices," Stephen Meyer and Michael Ruse Debate Darwin's Doubt

interfaith_logo.jpgHere's a very thoughtful and entertaining discussion of Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design with Stephen Meyer and atheist philosopher Michael Ruse, on public radio's "Interfaith Voices." I appreciate the way host Maureen Fiedler makes clear the three-way distinction and contrast of intelligent design versus creationism versus Darwinian evolution. It's an amazing thing to reflect on that few in the media are able to do so.

She solicits arguments from Meyer and Ruse respectively and then turns around and asks the other for a response -- yes, a proper debate, and a civil, informative and even amusing one! Kudos to Dr. Ruse for agreeing to have such a direct confrontation.