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Don't Miss the Friday Deadline to Register for Saturday Night's Book Party for Darwin's Doubt!

Seattle Art Museum.jpg

Notice the foreground of this photograph of the Seattle Art Museum, taken the night of the book party for Stephen Meyer's last book, Signature in the Cell. See the group of people waiting to cross University Street? They were turned away at the front door because they failed to register before the deadline.

Dr. Meyer, who has a compassionate heart, attempted to intercede on their behalf and let them in. But we the editorial staff of ENV took it on ourselves to insist that rules are rules and personally blocked the group, who had scoffed at the deadline, from entering.

As an example to others, we then photographed them as they disconsolately made their way back to their car. Look at how, despite the warm weather that evening in July 2009, the four wear heavy coats. That's because they feel the chill of our entirely fair and warranted rebuke.


The national book party for Dr. Meyer's new book, Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design, is this Saturday night, August 10 at 7:30, in the Seattle Art Museum's ultra high-tech Plestcheeff Auditorium. The deadline to register is Friday, August 9, at 5 pm Pacific Time.

SITC-12.jpgHere's a photo of a smiling woman who attended the book party for Signature in the Cell, talking with Dr. Meyer. We spoke with her afterwards to confirm that she was happy because she respected the deadline and registered in plenty of time for the event!

So how do you register for Saturday's book party? As we already told you, you do so by going here, or by calling Donna Scott at 206-292-0401, ext. 128.

Join us and you'll have a chance to celebrate the release of Darwin's Doubt and hear from Stephen Meyer about the book's reception by supporters and critics of ID alike. A Q&A and book signing will follow. It's all FREE, but space is limited and that's why we're requiring preregistration.

Everyone who registers will be entered in a drawing and three of you in attendance will win a copy of Darwin's Doubt signed by the author and a copy of the Illustra Media documentary Darwin's Dilemma, which features Dr. Meyer.

Photo credit: sfgamchick/Flickr.