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Today on the Michael Medved Show, John West Will Discuss the Legacy of the Scopes Trial

Today in the 2nd hour of the Michael Medved Show, Mr. Medved and Center for Science & Culture associate director Dr. John West will be observing the anniversary of the Scopes "Monkey" Trial, with a discussion of the freedom to teach about evolution. That's 1 pm Pacific Time, 4 pm Eastern.

Almost 90 years after the famous trial of teacher John T. Scopes, it's now Darwin's defenders who seek legal means to silence doubters in the classroom. Darwinism is a scientific idea, a brittle artifact of 19th-century materialism, but it's more than that. It's also a culture, a highly intolerant one that seeks to suppress dissenters while avoiding a fair debate with advocates of competing theories like intelligent design. What a strange reversal from the days of the Scopes Trial!

It's the Science & Culture Update, which you can hear on the Medved Show or online here!