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Where's the Beef? Here It Is

A reader writes, after hearing yesterday's Science & Culture Update:

I was listening to the Michael Medved show and the debate between Casey Luskin and Zack Kopplin, and Casey mentioned that there are hundreds of mainstream peer-reviewed science papers that show critiques of some mainstream ideas of evolution. I would be very interested in a list of all of these papers. Masatoshi Nei was one scientist mentioned and I am interested in learning about more scientists who also critique the common Darwinian views. It is very tough to find any critiques of evolution in the mainstream so this would be very helpful!

We got some ruder responses as well. But he is politely asking, "Where's the beef?" There is no complete bibliography available at present for one-stop shopping, though volunteers are encouraged to start working on the formidable task of assembling one right now. Meanwhile, just for starters, see here. Check out our:

And our:

To mix metaphors, that is the tip of the iceberg. For more on Masatoshi Nei, see here and here.