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Today on the Medved Show, Stephen Meyer and Oxford Mathematician John Lennox Will Discuss "Science v. Religon"

This is going to be fun. Today on the Science and Culture Update on Michael Medved's show, Discovery Institute's Stephen Meyer and our friend Oxford University mathematician John Lennox will talk about the "science versus religion" meme. It will be the second hour of the program -- that is, 1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern. You can also listen online here.

Topical? You bet. As if reading our minds, Caltech physicist Sean Carroll blogged on the theme the other day. In a nutshell:

I don’t think that science and religion are reconciling or can be reconciled in any meaningful sense, and I believe that it does a great disservice to the world to suggest otherwise.

More colorfully, Carroll goes on to denounce Discovery Institute as "actively evil" in suggesting otherwise and thus advancing a lying, cheating, stealing "anti-science agenda." The anti-science meme, by the way, sounds like a promising topic for a future Science and Culture Update. What do you think?

Anyway, Dr. Lennox, evil or not, may be less known to ENV readers than our own Stephen Meyer, author of the forthcoming Darwin's Doubt. Though they're of different generations, Dr. Meyer and Dr. Lennox have in common that they both received their PhDs at Cambridge University. At Cambridge, Dr. Lennox actually had the opportunity to attend lectures by C.S. Lewis -- we pointed out his wonderful anecdote about that earlier.

And that's very interesting because Dr. Lennox has himself been compared many times to a contemporary C.S. Lewis. Besides being a distinguished mathematician, he travels the world lecturing as a Christian apologist, explaining and defending his faith, and debating opponents like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

He's also a wonderfully charming and warm personality, as you'll hear if you listen in on the conversation. And do call in to challenge Lennox and Meyer!