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Today on Michael Medved Show, Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin Will Discuss Ball State Academic Freedom Case

A physicist at Ball State University is under fire for teaching favorably about intelligent design. An atheist group says that in doing so, he violates the First Amendment. Teaching about ID is illegal! And do you know the most amazing, and scary, part? Administrators at Ball State are taking the complaint seriously and have promised to investigate the physicist.

Join radio host and Discovery Institute fellow Michael Medved on the next Science and Culture Update, today in the second hour of the Medved Show, as he discusses the Ball State case with Discovery Institute research coordinator Casey Luskin.

Darwinists claim that an academic "consensus" supports Darwinism against all challenges, including from the theory of intelligent design. But Luskin says that that the "consensus" is maintained only by the intimidation of dissenting scholars.

Listen to Michael and Casey today at 1 pm Pacific time, or 4 pm Eastern. You can also tune in online here! And don't forget to sign the important petition in defense of Dr. Eric Hedin's freedom to teach as he sees fit in his own classroom.