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Remember the Human Impact of Prosecutorial Darwinism. Sign the Petition for Eric Hedin!

Casey Luskin was on the Michael Medved Science and Culture Update just now debating the Eric Hedin case with Freedom from Religion Foundation co-president Dan Barker. Casey did very well. It was quite a lively exchange. The most important point Casey made is that we must not forget the real personal and career impact on Dr. Hedin himself. As Casey emphasized, we can talk and write all we want about the relevant legal, scientific and pedagogic issues, but meanwhile Professor Hedin's whole career is on the line: his freedom to teach, and frankly his ability to make a living as a teacher.

Why? Because Jerry Coyne, very secure I assume in his own job at the University of Chicago, sparked this controversy and got the Freedom from Religion Foundation on Hedin's back. He's an untenured professor, which means that his job is very far from being secure. That's one reason we're collecting signatures on a petition on his behalf. Remember the human impact of scientific materialism and rigid, intolerant, prosecutorial Darwinism. Take action now: go to AcademicFreedomPetition.com now and sign!