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On the Medved Show Today, Stephen Meyer and Jay Richards Will Discuss the "Anti-Science" Label


On a given question in science, whether Darwinian evolution or human-induced catastrophic climate change, when we are assured there is a "consensus" of scientists and thus no legitimate debate, what are some of the giveaways that a bit of healthy skepticism is actually in order?

It's become a familiar term of abuse in our culture: If you don't like someone's stance on a scientific issue, you decry him as "anti-science" or a "science-denier." What do evolution and global warming have in common that skeptics seem to attract this kind of abusive talk?

Today on the Michael Medved Show's weekly Science and Culture Update, Discovery Institute senior fellows Stephen Meyer and Jay Richards will discuss these questions with their Discovery colleague Mr. Medved. Catch the regular Update in the second hour of the Medved Show. That's 1 pm Pacific time, or 4 pm Eastern.

You can also listen live online; go here.

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