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Podcast Series: What Would Darwin Do Say?

icd-audio.jpgGo back and take a look at my review of Nickell John Romjue's ingenious work of imagination, I, Charles Darwin. Romjue poses a hypothetical worth pondering: If Darwin were somehow rejoined with us in the modern world, so that he could look around and consider the weight of scientific evidence that's accumulated against (and for) his theory since his death, what would he say?

That's a good question. After all, Charles Darwin deserves the great credit of our acknowledging that unlike most of his contemporary acolytes, he really did try to consider all sides of the evolution question and granted at least one major source of doubt that seriously bothered him. (The latter is the subject of Stephen Meyer's forthcoming book, Darwin's Doubt.)

Well, the good news for today is that we're bring out a series of podcasts and MP3 downloads, later to be made available on CD, adapting Romjue's work as an audio book. Listen to the first installment now at our sister site, ID the Future, and check out other listening options, including as an iTunes album, or buy the book, at ICharlesDarwin.com. In today's opening segment, Darwin revisits modern London and the Gal´┐Żpagos Islands.

The production is very well done. You'll enjoy it.