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In The New Yorker, Berlinski's King of Infinite Space

Our friend and Discovery Institute colleague David Berlinski continues to reel in the enviable reviews for his tribute to Euclid, The King of Infinite Space. Now it's The New Yorker, which greets the book as a "lively survey of the legacy of Euclid":

Berlinski guides us through an austere world of shapes and numbers with enthusiasm, assurance, and mischievous humor. He presents difficult ideas in straightforward terms, even when he moves into the strange and forbidding realm of non-Euclidean geometry. More than two millennia after it was written, Berlinski argues, the "Elements" remains relevant not only for students of geometry but "as a corrective to whatever is spongy, soft, indistinct, slovenly, half-hidden, half-formed, half-baked, or only half-right."
That last comment could accurately characterize some formulations of Darwinian theory that we've come across.

Meanwhile in the Library Journal, a similarly warm appraisal, concluding:

VERDICT Berlinski has produced a volume that will entertain and enlighten many of today's readers -- even those who do not treasure their memories of geometry class.
Very nice, David. Mazal tov!